Police report 24 burglaries in the first week of May

WILLEMSTAD - In the period from 2 to 8 May, the police registered at least fourteen home burglaries. Ten businesses were also broken into.

The burglars entered the house by forcing a window. The burglaries took place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the neighborhoods of Tera Pretu, Seru Lora, Scherpenheuvel, Ronde Klip, Fleur de Marie, Dokterstuin and Barber.

In addition, mainly schools and neighborhood and sports centers had to pay the price. The thieves often entered the buildings at night or in the late evening through the roof.


Three car break-ins were reported during the same period. It is striking that the police have not received any reports of stolen cars. A month ago, four cars were stolen in one week and 14 cars were broken into.

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