Pietermaai Parking is sounding the alarm

WILLEMSTAD - Pietermaai Parking in downtown Willemstad is going through some hard time financially. Randy Neuman's company has sent a letter to Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning Zita Jesus-Leito. According to the manager of the parking garage, the government must ensure that the same rates apply in the area as in the parking garage itself. Pietermaai Parking charges two guilders per hour to park a car. Drivers who want to park in other areas of the city must pay one guilder per hour. According to Neuman, this is contrary to earlier agreements.

Neuman wrote a letter about this to the Minister Jesus-Leito. According to Neuman, the agreements from the past were decisive for him in the decision to build the parking garage. But according to him, the government is not keeping its agreements.

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