Parliament Speaker takes on role in Parlatino leadership

WILLEMSTAD - Charetti America-Francisca, the Speaker of the Curaçao Parliament, has recently assumed a role on the executive board of Parlatino. Her debut occurred last Friday during the 'Mesa Directiva' meeting of the Latin American parliament, headquartered in Panama City. 

The session focused on various proposals, prominently including plans for the upcoming celebration of Parlatino's 60th anniversary later this year. The executive board members, including America-Francisca, are elected to two-year terms. 

In her new capacity, America-Francisca will oversee the Secretariat for Interparliamentary Relations, a pivotal role in facilitating communication and cooperation among Parlatino's member states. 

America-Francisca expressed her enthusiasm for contributing to regional parliamentary affairs and emphasized the importance of commemorating Parlatino's significant milestone amidst ongoing deliberations aimed at enhancing legislative cooperation across Latin America.