Parliament agrees with COHO report

WILLEMSTAD - On Wednesday parliament approved the report on the Caribbean Organ for Reform and Development (COHO) meeting of 11 May. The report will be sent to the Kingdom Council of Ministers by 20 May at the latest.

During the meeting on the Kingdom Act, various parties expressed their views on the sensitivities surrounding the issue. For example, Rennox Calmes, leader of the political party Trabou pa Kòrsou (TPK) regretted that 'the COHO is based in The Hague and is implemented based on Dutch laws'. According to the Member of Parliament for the MFK party Eduard Braam, countries within the Kingdom must cooperate with each other and that is the most important goal of the Kingdom.


During the Interparliamentary Consultation (Ipko) which recently took place in Sint Maarten it was agreed that the report on the COHO meeting would be sent before 20 May. The Parliament of Curaçao then received a response from the Kingdom Council of Ministers. The governments of Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten will also draw up a joint memorandum.

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