Orco Bank supports Crossing for Prevention and Fundashon Prevenshon

WILLEMSTAD - Orco Bank as a proud sponsor of Crossing for Prevention, provided an additional contribution to Fundashon Prevenshon in Curaçao at The Pier at Caracasbaaiweg last weekend.  



On Saturday, November 19th, 2022 Deaxo Croes, an Aruban Open Water swimmer, embarked on a historic swim between the sister islands Bonaire and Curaçao. In total Deaxo covered 53 kilometers in the Caribbean Sea, from the west coast of Bonaire to the east point of Curaçao. He started his journey in the early mornings of Saturday around 02:00 AM and reached Oostpunt around 04:00 PM on the same day! Amazing performance and beautiful gesture from Deaxo!  


Deaxo’s dream was to include Bonaire and Curaçao in his cause to raise cancer awareness and to promote the colossal work tirelessly done by the local cancer foundations. Crossing for Prevention is an event to raise awareness and seek generous financial support from the local communities and to cancer foundations.  


Orco Bank represented by Ms. Désirée Alberto, Managing Director, also announced an additional contribution to Fundashon Prevenshon. Orco Bank stands with cancer patients in Curaçao and keeps the fight alive.  


The bank continues its contribution to the communities that it serves, having donated to cancer prevention in Bonaire and Curaçao this past weekend. 

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