Orco Bank renews commitment as main sponsor for Ride for the Roses Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - Orco Bank proudly announces its continued partnership as the main sponsor for the prestigious Ride, Walk, Swim & Surf for the Roses event from 2024 through 2026, with the upcoming 18th edition on January 28th, 2024. Mrs. Désirée Alberto-Martina, the Managing Director of Orco Bank, made this announcement at the annual Press Conference hosted on November 21st, 2023 by Orco Bank. 

The Ride, Walk, Swim & Surf for the Roses event, now entering its 18th season, stands as a beacon of unity and support for cancer research in Curaçao. Participants engage in various activities including cycling, running, swimming, and sailing, showcasing not only physical endurance but also unwavering community spirit.  

Mrs. Désirée Alberto-Martina expressed her honor in welcoming everyone to the conference, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming year in celebrating the event's long-standing legacy. "Our involvement in the upcoming Ride, Walk, Swim, and Surf for the Roses in 2024 is a reflection of our dedication to the community and our commitment to supporting crucial health initiatives," she remarked.  

The decision to renew Orco Bank's role as the main sponsor reinforces the institution's dedication to societal welfare and well-being. Mrs. Alberto-Martina further reiterated, "At Orco Bank, we believe in building strong foundations – not just in our business, but in our community as well. Our involvement in this foundation aligns perfectly with our 'We Care' pillar, highlighting our dedication to welfare and well-being."  

This partnership signifies a strategic move under Orco Bank's initiative of building strong pillars aimed at creating lasting and meaningful impacts in the communities they serve, as supported by the bank’s Management Board, compromised by Mr. Edward Pietersz and Mrs. Désirée Alberto-Martina.  

Mrs. Alberto-Martina concluded by expressing gratitude for the continued support, stating, "Thank you for joining us today, and for your continued support in these endeavors. Together, we are making a difference, one pedal, one stride, one stroke, and one sail at a time."  

The upcoming Ride, Walk, Swim & Surf for the Roses event promises to be a testament to collective determination in the fight against cancer and a celebration of unity and solidarity.