OM: Without buyers, no thieves

WILLEMSTAD - As a result of the burglary at Boolchand's Zeelandia on December 26, 2018, in which approximately 750,000 guilders worth of products were stolen, a criminal investigation was started. Thirteen suspects were arrested in this investigation and brought before the court.

These persons are suspected of having bought and/or sold one or more of the phones stolen from Boolchands. This involves expensive phones, such as the latest iPhones and Samsungs. The thieves themselves have not yet been arrested.

However, the Public Prosecution Service and the police also consider it important to deal with the buyers. After all, without a buyer, there won’t be thieves. The fact that these luxury goods can easily be sold on the street makes it so lucrative to commit such a burglary. Indirectly all buyers are also partly guilty of burglary. Formally, they will be prosecuted. The punishments on this vary from community service to several months in prison.


People who buy a phone on the street are also explicitly warned. Do not buy a new phone on the street, but always in a store where you get a receipt and a guarantee. With buying a second-hand phone via social media, you have to be very careful. As a buyer you have a duty to investigate to avoid buying a stolen property. Ask critical questions to the seller. Ask for a receipt, and make sure you can find the seller in case of any problems. Also check in advance what a realistic price (the market value) is for the good; do not be tempted to buy too cheap goods. If it is too good to be true, then it is often not true.

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