No new developments in Alcalá-Wallé's case yet

WILLEMSTAD - There are no new developments around ex-education minister Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé. The criminal investigation into the events surrounding the alleged violation of the Screening Act has been delayed due to the corona crisis. This is according to the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution Service (OM) in reply to questions from the media.

Alcalá-Wallé stepped down as Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (OWCS) on January 27 after her integrity was questioned, complaints were filed against her as well as motions in parliament. This was mainly due to registrations with the Chamber of Commerce and the impression that she held additional positions was created. As a minister, you are not allowed to have additional functions.

In connection with the current investigation, Alcalá-Wallé has also been suspended from her position as a policy officer. Through messages circulating on social media, it can be read that she has resumed that function and "uses her (old) workplace as if nothing has happened." Well-informed sources confirm that the reports are correct. For example, the ex-minister was indeed seen at her workplace and "working on a project that is in line with her expertise".

When this reporter confronts Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath with the messages that circulate and the statements of others, he responds in the negative. "The messages are not true. She is not working because of the ongoing investigation. She was indeed in her former office, but to clean it up.” The prime minister admits that he approached Alcalá-Wallé to help with a project.

“She works as a policy officer at the Ministry of OWCS before she became a minister. It was my intention to give her an assignment in line with her expertise. That's right. However, she has not been appointed as a cabinet employee, nor is she an employee of the minister, as alleged. After obtaining further advice, she was formally denied access to her workplace. This is because an investigation is still ongoing,” says Rhuggenaath. Alcalá-Wallé was not available for comment.

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