Nine companies have plans for legal cannabis

WILLEMSTAD - In anticipation of the requirements to be specified in the law, nine companies have already submitted a specific request to the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature for a permit to grow medicinal cannabis.

This was announced by the cabinet chief of the ministry Alvin Daal. According to him, the business plans show that between 400 and 700 people must be able to find work in the industry. And it should provide the government with 60 million guilders in income and wage tax.

Incidentally, according to Daal, it is not just about growing cannabis, but about issuing cluster licenses to companies that cultivate, but also only do the processing; therefore harvesting, drying and cutting, a factory that produces the medicines and also, for example, an institute for scientific research.

The investors are from Curaçao, but collaborate with Canadian, American or Dutch companies that are already in this industry.

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