NH90 helicopters back in service

THE HAGUE- The NH90 helicopter, which is the same type of helicopter that crashed into the sea two weeks ago near Aruba, is back in service. This was announced by the Dutch Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld.

Last week, the first investigation results in the crash showed that the accident was not due to a technical defect. What happened exactly, is still being investigated. Two defense employees were killed in the accident.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense announced that yesterday the wreckage was found. The aircraft is in two parts at the bottom of the sea. Part of the device is located at the place where it crashed, about 12 kilometers off the coast of Aruba. Another part has been found about 100 kilometers away.

The locations of the wreckage have been mapped by the Maritime Capacity Alliance, a public-private partnership. Defense is now investigating whether it is possible to recover the remains.

The attack helicopter crashed in the Caribbean on July 19. Immediately after the accident, every effort was made to recover the helicopter, but this proved impossible due to the strong wind and rough seas. When the balloons that kept the wreckage afloat broke, the helicopter sank to the seabed.

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