New policy PDVSA will not affect Curaçao Refinery

WILLEMSTAD - In a press release, Refineria di Korsou, the Curaçao Refinery (RdK) indicated that the recent decision of Venezuelan state oil company PdVSA to appoint an ad hoc administrative committee dealing with oil from Venezuela does not affect the commercial relationship between the RdK and Refineria Isla Curaçao bv, a subsidiary of PdVSA.

RdK states that it respects the decision and, in cooperation with Refineria Isla Curaçao bv, will do "everything possible" to start up the refinery and keep it operational.

“RdK is currently fully focused on restarting the refinery as quickly as possible. Central to this is the job guarantee for everyone who is dependent on the refinery for an income.”

RdK also says in its press release that it is pursuing various processes to guarantee a future for the refinery after the current contract with PdVSA expires at the end of this year.

RdK considers it important to emphasize again that it is Refineria Isla Curaçao bv that manages the refinery and as such is ultimately responsible for both the commercial relationship and the fulfillment of labor obligations towards the employees of the refinery. “RdK helps to keep the jobs as much as possible, but the responsibility lies with Isla until the contract expires at the end of 2019,” says RdK.

RdK also states that it is currently fully engaged in the search for a strategic partner for refinery management after 2019.” The Program Management Organization (PMO) of RdK is conducting discussions with the first group of companies that have shown interest in the refinery.

The new, broader framework that PMO has established has sparked new interest among potential parties. PMO has drawn up a roadmap outlining how ultimately the most suitable partner for taking over the refinery can be chosen.”

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