New initiative to organize the Workers’ Takeover of Curaçao Refinery

WILLEMSTAD - A new initiative has been launched on March 24, 2020 to support IMOC N.V.’s efforts to take over the Curaçao Refinery. This initiative has been in the making for quite some time but has now seen the light after a presidium member Mr. Berend Scheperboer announced it.

Mr. Scheperboer said in his announcement that their official and proactive invitation to initiate a new social contract for Curaçao includes all citizens fully to engage and to cooperate with their organization for co-creating and designing their substantial high-value-future: “Curacao first! And Today we start!”

Our first and highest priority project is the robust transition in organizing the: workers' takeover of Refineria di Korsou!”

Mr. Scheperboer indicated that they fully commit and firmly declare being willing and able to assist the procedure of a takeover from now on.

“We dispose about the necessary know-how, management, and financial resources to save the workplaces, the assets, and especially the entrepreneurial profits of ISLA for the Curacao society.

Again: We are completely capable to support the ISLA workers, employees, and management in order fully to delete the "slavery" even in our consciousness and factual dependence on international oil companies, ... now starting and founding a new societal sovereignty and prosperity - with unrestricted, full capacity to go!”

The new initiative to support IMOC N.V. wants to establish independent partnerships, the governance and the legal framework, the syndicating comprehensive know-how and qualifying assistance, and coordinating entrepreneurs, consultants, partners for every kind of support, mainly feedstock and capital. This in order to pre-structure the necessary platform for starting their common future, being firstly based on the workers takeover of ISLA, said Mr. Scheperboer in his statement.

IMOC’s representatives stressed again that Curaçao can manage and operate its own refinery. IMOC has $2 billion funding for the takeover and operation of the refinery. They say that they don’t need funds from the Netherlands.

One of their first initiatives is to build an LNG Storage Terminal in Bullen Bay to distribute LNG in the wider Caribbean.

IMOC says that they next step is to make every employee a shareholder of their company and then takeover Isla Refinery for $5.

They will also annul the contract with the Klesch Group. The government has signed a contract with Klesch Group to take over the refinery.

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