Nearly 3800 patients treated in CMC

WILLEMSTAD - In the first two weeks after the opening of Curaçao Medical Center, almost 3800 patients were treated. A total of 83 people had to undergo surgery.

According to the Interim Director Gilbert Martina not everything is running 100 percent yet, but a lot of work is being done on the various pain points. This includes an investigation into a complaint filed after a patient has recently died.

The Public Health Inspectorate is investigating this case. Inspector Sirving Keli says the cause is outside the hospital. The deterioration of the condition of the patient in question began a few days before admission to the CMC, in primary care, Keli said during a press conference on Thursday.

The inspectorate has received a report on the case from the hospital's emergency committee and has taken over the investigation because the problems have arisen outside the walls of the hospital.

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