Mrs. Florentje da Silva Bakker celebrates 100th birthday

WILLEMSTAD - Mrs Florentje da Silva Bakker celebrated her 100th birthday together with her family and the elderly from the Druifi department in Huize Welgelegen / Habaai. Minister Hensley Koeiman (SOAW), Giselle Coffie and her former neighbor also came by to congratulate Mrs Florentje.


Mrs. Florentje, better known as Aunt Floor, was born in Suriname and emigrated to Curaçao after her brother came to live here. She held an administrative position at KNSM, which offered her the opportunity to work for their office in Caracas. Aunt Floor lived in Caracas for about 20 years. She also lived for several years in Las Palmas and a year in France. Aunt Floor was a hard worker who has traveled a lot. During the trips and at work she could make good use of her language skills. She speaks fluent Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish and French. In addition, she loves to dance and play tennis. Every day she reads the newspaper to keep up to date with the latest developments.

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