Motion for better roads adopted by parliament

WILLEMSTAD - On Wednesday, parliament unanimously passed a motion requesting the government to do more to improve the roads and infrastructure on Curaçao.

The reason for this was the heavy rainfall in recent months, which almost automatically leads to the condition of the roads on Curaçao deteriorating. There are many holes in the roads that pose a danger to traffic, but also cause a lot of damage to cars.

The motion calls on the government to actually spend all the money paid in road tax on maintenance and improvement of the roads. Parliament also believes that catching up must be done to carry out overdue maintenance on the roads.

The motion mentions, among other things, the Granaatappelweg in Dominguito as an example of a road that is full of holes and is in urgent need of maintenance. Parliament also wants more attention to be paid to infrastructure. Parliament states that the people pay road tax and are therefore entitled to good roads and a well-functioning infrastructure.

Finally, parliament thinks that the government should reactivate the Road Fund Foundation or set up a new, similar entity. This would make it possible to better organize the improvement of the infrastructure.