Moses wants independent experts for the preparation of a parliamentary inquiry for a new hospital

WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the opposition party Movementu Progresivo (MP), Marilyn Moses prefers to see independent experts in the preparation committee for a parliamentary inquiry of the new hospital.

According to the Member of Parliament, polarization and politics are already being practiced in the appointed of the committee. According to her, the composition must be raised to a higher level.

Moses has since left the committee because she does not agree with the composition. She believes that there should be a representative from every group on the committee and that no people should be excluded. According to the opposition MP there is no legal basis for this.

Pueblo Soberano and Korsou di Nos Tur are not part of the preparatory committee appointed by the President of Parliament William Millerson. Moses finds that unjustified.

She would have preferred the committee to consist of independent experts.

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