"Ministry of Justice continues legal process for minors who arrived by boat"

WILLEMSTAD - Recently, as reported in various media outlets, it was observed that in the early hours of Wednesday, September 21, 2023, 19 individuals arrived illegally on a boat at Piscadera Bay. Among them were 7 adult males, 7 adult females, and 5 minors. To find a temporary solution for the minors, the Ministry of Justice instructed its relevant agencies to continue with the legal process and accommodate the minors, taking into account the rules of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). 


The undocumented individuals were intercepted on a boat during the early morning hours last Thursday. After the boat arrived on the coast of Curaçao, some undocumented individuals who were already on the island reported to the Immigration Department, indicating that they were the legal guardians of the children who arrived on the boat. These individuals were detained on suspicion of human trafficking. Since the occupants of the boat were undocumented and accompanied by 5 minors, a human trafficking investigation was initiated. 


Regarding the well-being of the minors, following the Ministry of Justice's procedures, they were entrusted to an appropriate and secure institution for children while awaiting the results of the investigation. Information about their whereabouts cannot be disclosed to protect the minors' safety and security. 


The human trafficking investigation is under the responsibility of the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the necessary steps will be taken based on the results. The Ministry of Justice will continue to make every effort to protect human rights and children's rights.