Minister Koeiman emphasizes the importance of face masks

WILLEMSTAD - The use of face masks is mandatory from November 16 last at all businesses and companies where customers come. That was announced last weekend during a government press briefing.

The mandatory use of face masks is part of a series of other measures that have been taken in connection with the rapidly growing number of COVID-19 infections in recent times. The measures are aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Hensley Koeiman, Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare issued a press release on Friday urging shop owners to make the wearing of a face mask mandatory.

This applies to anyone who is 18 years and older and wants to enter a business. The obligation applies to supermarkets, minimarkets, toko's, shops, bakers, pharmacies, chemists, hospital and clinics, library, hardware stores, public transport, hairdressers, beauticians, and funerals.

Also in other places where people are received as customers, it is advisable, according to Koeiman, to require a face mask by the owner. According to Koeiman, the use of face masks is of general interest, but in particular the interest of the customer and the staff.

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