Minister Jesus-Leito: Government wants to guarantee jobs at UTS

WILLEMSTAD – The Minister responsible for the telecommunication company UTS stated that one of the most important points in the negotiations for the acquisition of the company is job guarantee. The government wants all the employees to retain their jobs after UTS is sold to another company.

The Minister also said that it is up to the new owner what will happen to the current management of the company including the CEO Paul de Geus. Jesus-Leito says that the company that acquires UTS can decide if they will keep the current management or if they will appoint a new one. This part will have to be dealt with in a later stage of the negotiations.

The UTS management as an indefinite contract but this is with the government, not with the new owners. Jesus-Leito says that she can give information only on what she knows. She cannot say much about what the new owners will do with UTS.



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