Minister Cijntje denies allegations of assault

WILLEMSTAD - Economic Minister Cijntje has announced plans to hold a press conference in the near future to address recent allegations, as stated on his Facebook page. The minister vehemently denies accusations of misconduct during the Hak’e Summer Festival. Last week, a woman lodged a formal complaint against Cijntje, alleging that he pushed her multiple times. 

In response to these allegations, Minister Cijntje has categorically rejected the claims, describing them as an attempt at character assassination aimed at tarnishing his reputation. He remains confident that the ongoing investigation by the national investigation department will clear his name. 

The minister emphasized his commitment to transparency and accountability throughout this process, reaffirming his stance against any form of misconduct. Cijntje expressed readiness to cooperate fully with authorities to resolve the matter swiftly and fairly. 

The upcoming press conference is expected to provide further details and updates regarding the investigation and the minister's response to the allegations.