Minister Camelia Römer officially opens Cosmetic Center Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - This Thursday February 21th, Cosmetic Center Curaçao officially opens its doors. The first cosmetic private clinic on the island has already performed cosmetic treatments in the past year, but with the delivery of a new operation room, the clinic is ready to perform surgical procedures. This enables the clinic to offer cosmetic care at an international level, within a safe environment.

"We are very honored that Ms. Suzy Camelia-Römer, Minister of Health, Environment and Nature officially opens the clinic. The opening of Cosmetic Center Curaçao fits in with its policy to increase the wellness offer on the island. In addition to providing the local needs for cosmetic treatments, we are promoting medical tourism on the island with the opening of the new clinic. It is now possible to combine a cosmetic procedure with a Caribbean vacation. The highlight of the past year was the construction and final delivery of the operating room. The operating room meets all international requirements. A team of experts from the Netherlands and abroad worked hard day and night to build an operating room that we do not yet have in Curaçao ", says director Marika Sahoury-Ringnalda.

The Public Health Inspectorate supervises the private clinic. This guarantees clients of high-quality cosmetic and medical care. An extensive provision of information and client-oriented information by doctors and highly trained medical staff is also guaranteed. Because Cosmetic Center Curaçao offers safe and controlled care, this will also stimulate medical tourism. As a result, a new economic market will be activated for Curaçao.

The clinic will be open to the general public on Saturday 23 February from 9 am till noon. Everyone is welcome this day to view the clinic and also the new operating room. Applications for this open day are required via The last possibility to register is Friday 22 February at 15.00.


Cosmetic Center Curaçao is centrally located in Landhuis Pos Cabai. For more information, please visit or on the Facebook and Instagram page.

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