MFK: 'We do not agree with Dorothy Pietersz-Janga's opinion'

WILLEMSTAD - The ruling party MFK indicates that they disagree with the opinion of their own Minister of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN) Dorothy Pietersz-Janga on the matter of Stichting Bureau Zorgverzekeraar (BVZ). The party of Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas reports this in a press statement.

The MFK has seen the letter that the minister sent to the liquidators, in which she instructs them to discontinue the investigation into two former directors.

At the time, the liquidators Etzel Rosenda and Myron Christina were given the task of recovering from the former directors the damage suffered by the foundation as a result of default and irregularities. This was done by the two former board members Alli Abdalah and Milton Yarzagaray. The minister last week instructed Rosenda and Christina to "fully and unconditionally withdraw" the claim cases.


In addition, Pietersz-Janga wants the foundation to distance itself from all judgments won against Adbalah, Yarzagaray and Jourdain. Minister of Education, Sithree van Heydoorn, says that the MFK supports the trais politica. The minister’s request conflicts with this.

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