Measles epidemic takes over in Venezuela; Curaçao must be watchful

CARACAS, WILLEMSTAD - Venezuela is not getting the measles epidemic under control. Current measures cannot contain the two-year-old epidemic. This appears from an analysis by Venezuelan experts.

According to experts, more vaccination is needed. This year there are already 140 confirmed cases of measles in Venezuela. It thus leads the list of South American countries with the highest number of indigenous cases of the disease.

Venezuela accounts for 52 percent of the total number of cases in South America, Colombia for 36 percent and Brazil for 11 percent. Cases of measles have been reported in a total of twelve South American countries, but the other nine countries are imported cases, often from outside the region.

This is a serious issue for Curaçao being so close to Venezuela and with a constant flow of migrants from that South American neighbor. It is important for the people on the island to vaccinate as soon as possible.

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