Marriott Curaçao to open its doors in September this year

WILLEMSTAD - According to the new General Manager of the Curaçao Marriott, Craig Martin, on September 18, Curaçao can definitely get acquainted with a completely renewed Curaçao Marriott Beach Hotel.

Such as an extra ballroom of 557 square meters that adds 300 places to the existing ballroom; a spacious open lobby; the so-called "great room" with a spacious and full view of the sea, which occupies the vacated place of the casino; an executive VIP lounge; eight new suites; a state of the art spa and fitness center; and brand new kitchens.

Martin emphasizes that everything in the rooms has also been 100% updated, such as the tiled floors, bathrooms, the entire cabling and the furniture from Portugal, completed with a 70-inch television screen. The whole radiates a "clean, upscale Caribbean view".

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