MAN party wants to talk to Undersecretary; Knops has no time

WILLEMSTAD - The MAN faction wants to ask Undersecretary Raymond Knops of the Interior and Kingdom Relations questions in Parliament. Knops is currently on the island and has a visit to Governor Lucille George-Wout planned. He will also hold talks with the government.

In a letter to Parliament Chair Ana-Maria Pauletta, the MAN faction asks whether a meeting can be convened with Knops. During that meeting, a discussion could then be held with the Undersecretary about the Caribbean Reform Entity (CHE).

It is not customary for a Dutch minister to enter into dialogue with Parliament. In the meantime, Knops has announced that he does not have time, says Member of Parliament Giselle Mc William.

Knops arrived yesterday on the island. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, after which Knops will return to the Netherlands.