Majority of Curaçao MPs want to go to the United Nations for Dutch Corona support

WILLEMSTAD - Fourteen States members, four political parties, two trade unions, three NGOs and 233 citizens of Curaçao want the island to be placed back on the UN list of countries that do not yet have a full form of self-government.

They call for this in a petition addressed to the United Nations Decolonization Commission.

They also call on the UN General Assembly to recognize and protect Curaçao's right to self-determination.

Caribbean Reform Entity

The petition was prompted by the plans of the Dutch government to establish a Caribbean Reform Entity within the framework of long-term corona support.

The signatories believe that the Netherlands should renounce its desire to implement new Kingdom laws that affect the right to self-determination and self-government (autonomy) of Curaçao.

Members of Parliament

It is striking that four Members of Parliament of the coalition party MAN have also signed. Only MP Elsa Rozendal's signature is missing. In a motion on Friday 9 October, the four signed up to provide the government with the necessary support in order to complete the negotiations at official level so that the content of the National Package and the draft Kingdom Act can be approved at political level.

The signatories of the petition and the letter to New York have agreed to the creation of an Ad-hoc committee for the re-admission of Curaçao on the list of Article 73 (e) of the Charter of the United Nations.