Knops won’t answer questions about planning controversial COHO law

THE HAGUE - Undersecretary of Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops does not dare to give a concrete answer to the question of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament about when the draft Kingdom Act for the establishment of the Caribbean Body for Reform and Development will be presented to the parliaments.

“I am dependent on the cooperation of the governments of the countries for this time constraint. Talks about the bill started a few weeks ago. However, given the complex nature of these talks, a definitive schedule cannot be given at the moment,” the Undersecretary wrote to the Chamber today.

Knops says that he is “striving to reach political decision-making in the Kingdom Council of Ministers just before the summer recess”. Thereafter, "the Kingdom government will proceed as soon as possible to submit the bill of law to the Second Chamber and to send it to the parliaments of the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom."

The complexity to which the Undersecretary refers is, among other things, the result of the extremely critical judgment that the Council of State has passed on the bill. The countries read in it a confirmation of their objections to COHO, such as violation of their autonomy.

Another complicating factor is that the governments in Curaçao and Aruba are outgoing and do not have the free hand to make radical decisions. The Pisas cabinet, which is in the making, has already informed Knops that it has no sympathy for COHO and would rather work with the neutral IMF.

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