Knops: “Still no mass migration Venezuelans towards Dutch Caribbean”

THE HAGUE - “There are still no signs that indicate an impending mass migration towards the Caribbean part of the Kingdom,” said the Undersecretary for Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops in a letter to the Dutch Parliament.

Most questions and answers read as a summary of topics that have frequently been discussed in the past year in debates, consultations and parliamentary questions. Therefore, little new is discussed. The announcement that there is "still" no mass refugee flow from Venezuela to the islands is more an update on what Knops has said before.

The question to which the Undersecretary answers is about the presence of a crisis plan for humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan refugees. The countries themselves are responsible for this, says Knops. The Hague does, however, provide support "where necessary and requested" in the preparation for "possible scenarios of an increasing migration flow".

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