KLM to repatriate residents to Curaçao on June 6

SCHIPHOL, WILLEMSTAD - Stranded Curaçao residents can fly back home from Schiphol next Saturday. This was reported by the Curaçao House in The Hague. According to the local government, a stranded Curaçao resident means people who are registered in the basic administration of the Curaçao Civil Registry, Kranshi.

Travelers must also have proof of a return ticket with departure and final destination Curaçao.

The Corona virus has brought a difficult time for stranded residents of Curaçao in the Netherlands or possibly elsewhere in the world. There is only limited air traffic to and from Europe. Air traffic to Curaçao is also limited due to an entry ban. No one is admitted to Curaçao without prior permission from the government.

Travelers who do not meet the criteria can also come to Curaçao, but in order to enter, permission must be requested in advance from the travel verification team of the Curaçao government. A request for this can be emailed to reisverificatie.cur@gobiernu.cw.

Stranded Curaçao residents who want to join the flight from the Netherlands can book a ticket on the KLM website until tomorrow at 1:00 PM Dutch time.

As soon as KLM has sent a confirmation of the booking, travelers must send an email to info-terugreis@gobiernu.cw with the subject FLIGHT THE NETHERLANDS TO CURAÇAO.

It should include the following data / information for each person in the group or family that is traveling:

A copy of the page with personal data in the passport;

A copy of the original return ticket Curaçao - Netherlands - Curaçao;

Telephone number and email on which the traveler can be reached;

Any medical information relevant to the flight and quarantine thereafter;

Travelers who do not have a Dutch passport or sedula must explicitly report this in the email, explaining why they travel to Curaçao;

A scan / screenshot of the KLM ticket from June 6.

Registration in the basic administration is verified at the Registry Office.

The Curaçao House informs travelers a few days before the flight whether there is permission to enter Curaçao. This is done by means of a consent letter to be presented at check-in.

On arrival in Curaçao, travelers must be in a mandatory quarantine for 14 days in a location designated by the government. After the flight, travelers are immediately taken to this location and tested for Covid-19 after 14 days. The costs of the quarantine for residents of Curaçao who have a return ticket with departure and final destination Curaçao and whose departure date from Curaçao was before March 16, 2020, will be borne by the government of Curaçao.

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