KLM flight ticket may be canceled or changed free of charge

SCHIPHOL - Passengers of the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) may from now on cancel their ticket for any reason, or exchange it for a voucher or cash. This applies to tickets with a departure date up to and including March 31, 2021, the airline reports.

Regardless of the reason for canceling the flight, a "refundable voucher" can be obtained. With this voucher, the customer can then buy a new ticket or request a "refund". This measure also applies to customers who already have a KLM ticket or travel voucher.

According to Boet Kreiken, who is responsible for the customer experience at KLM, “many people want to travel, but are reluctant to book due to uncertain times and constantly changing travel advice”. Kreiken: "We therefore offer more flexibility with this measure."

KLM has had to cancel many flights due to travel restrictions. This has led to many restitution requests. KLM will need more time than usual to repay the amounts, but it is busy catching up.

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