Justice ministers of CAS countries put their heads together

WILLEMSTAD - The Minister of Justice Shalton Hato and the Ministers of Justice Rocco Tjon of Aruba and Anna Richardson of Sint Maarten held talks during the Universal Periodic Reviews (UPR) in Geneva. The talks centered on the countries' forensics departments and the registration of sex offenders. The investigation of the latter topic is in full swing, Hato reports on social media.  


The justice ministers have been meeting on a structural basis since June. According to the minister, the so-called 'tripartite' consultations provide the opportunity to collaborate and debate in an effective and efficient manner. It would also be beneficial for the relationship between the ministries and the central government.  


According to the minister, subjects of common interest were discussed during the second tripartite consultation in Geneva. For example, the challenge that countries face when it comes to managing projects with limited resources was discussed. According to Hato, those limited resources are the forensic departments of the Caribbean countries, the working groups that have to set up institutions in the field of justice and the academies that have to offer a standard curriculum.  


In the second meeting, the registration of sex offenders was also discussed. A group of Management and Security students from Sint Maarten is conducting an investigation led by the Ministry of Justice of that country.  


Ministers expressed their satisfaction at the end of the meeting in Geneva and look back positively on the discussions. The next meeting will take place on 16 January. 

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