IPKO wants joint crisis organization Venezuelans

WILLEMSTAD - The IPKO Interparliamentary Kingdom Consultation wants a joint crisis organization to deal with refugees from Venezuelans.

Local NGOs should also play a role in this.

The reason for this is the concern of the parliamentarians for human rights violations and the imprisonment of Venezuelans in Curaçao. Last Thursday the IPKO visited the foreigners’ barracks of the SDKK prison.

The standing parliamentary committee understands the detention of Venezuelans for a short period and with the prospect of expulsion, for a maximum of fourteen days.

But in those cases where the stay in the barracks will take longer - certainly if this exceeds a period of two months - it is no longer an acceptable situation. The medical, sanitary and privacy conditions are limited to such an extent that a stay that is longer than two months and in view of applicable regulations, international treaties and human rights, constitutes an unworthy situation.

The MPs André Bosman (VVD), De Graaf, Chris van Dam (CDA), Antje Diertens (D66), Ronald van Raak (SP), Özütok (Denk) and Atje Kuiken PvdA) have signed the letter to the minister with the intention of forward this to the Dutch Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus. The Four Countries Justice Consultation in Willemstad will start on Wednesday.

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