Inspector-General Sirving Keli halts false statements by service HACCP safety director

WILLEMSTAD - Inspector-General Sirving Keli has taken decisive action against Sharina Clementina, director of Service HACCP Safety Curaçao (SHSC), for spreading false information regarding hygiene inspections at restaurants. In a strongly worded letter, Keli ordered Clementina to cease making inaccurate statements. 

The controversy began after Clementina claimed in a television interview that the new policy would result in a ‘free for all’ situation, implying that hygiene inspections had been halted. Keli refuted these claims, emphasizing that hygiene inspections have never been stopped and criticizing Clementina for causing unnecessary panic. 

“The statements made by Ms. Clementina are not only false but also harmful, as they create unwarranted fear among the public and undermine the integrity of our inspection processes,” said Keli. He further warned that any continued dissemination of incorrect information would lead to consequences for Clementina and SHSC. 

Service HACCP Safety Curaçao, founded by Clementina in 2016, is a company that implements programs and certifies businesses in the food industry. Despite its established presence, the recent statements by its director have put the organization under scrutiny. 

The Inspector-General’s office reassured the public that hygiene inspections are ongoing and that maintaining high standards of food safety remains a top priority.