Inspection interrupts health activities on Rooseveltweg

WILLEMSTAD - The inspection took action after receiving information about foreign individuals offering health treatments and selling medicinal products. The Inspector-General and the Medicines Inspector noted that the group from Colombia was not authorized to perform certain healthcare activities and removed two products from circulation. 


The Colombian group had come to the island with permission from the Curaçao authorities for a beauty show and was scheduled to stay until June 2, 2023. After an exhibition, they rented space on Rooseveltweg. 


The inspection was conducted in response to reports indicating unauthorized or incompetent practice of medicine. The inspection was conducted unannounced to obtain the clearest possible picture of the situation on-site. 


As the individuals involved were not registered for performing iridology and spinal scanning, these treatments were prohibited by the inspection. Consultations were allowed as the individuals' diplomas were in order. 


Two products lacking the required approval were removed from circulation but could be returned to countries where they are permitted. Other products fell under free sale and could still be sold. Non-medical massages were permitted, but therapeutic massages were not.