Incident at school under police investigation

WILLEMSTAD - Towards the end of last week, the community became aware of several viral videos showing two students engaged in a physical altercation on the street. Later, a parent of one of the students involved also joined the altercation. During Friday afternoon, one of the youngsters involved in the incident reported to the police station with her parent to file a complaint. 


The police promptly began an investigation into the matter, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. It's worth noting that this recent incident is just one of several instances of altercations happening either at schools or in public areas involving students from various schools. 


Given the increasing trend of altercations among students, both in school and on the streets, it's essential to emphasize that physical altercations and violence are punishable offenses, and detention may be a consequence. 


We appeal to the community to help raise awareness among our youth about the importance of maintaining good behavior for the sake of their future careers. Let's discourage such actions and refrain from promoting them by recording and/or sharing videos/images that do not serve any positive purpose. 

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