“In emergency situation, more help with situation Venezuela”

WILLEMSTAD - As long as there is no request for help from Curacao, the Netherlands will not interfere with the issues surrounding refugees on the island. This is according to Undersecretary Raymond Knops of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to the question why the Netherlands no longer offers help.

According to Knops, the Netherlands does not want to impose aid without it really being necessary. Only when there is an emergency situation, will the Netherlands intervene on the islands.

The Undersecretary was this week together with Kasja Ollongren, the minister of Kingdom Relations, in Curacao. Not much was said about the appointment that the Cft advised last week. Knops did emphasize that good measures are needed to achieve sustainable public finances in the long term. According to Knops, it is up to the Council of Ministers in the Netherlands whether or not to act on the advice.

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