In a letter to the minister of justice, PAR expresses concern over capacity of the public prosecutor's office

WILLEMSTAD - The opposition party PAR's faction in Parliament has raised concerns over the capacity of the Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) to conduct investigations. In a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice, Shalten Hato, the PAR faction highlighted their observations regarding the OM's ability to handle crucial cases like that of ENNIA. 


In recent weeks, the PAR faction has noted that when receiving reports, the OM has stated that they do not possess the capacity to carry out investigations in cases of significant importance. Members of the PAR Parliament have expressed their disagreement with this notion, believing that it sends an incorrect signal to the public regarding the state of justice in the country. 


The PAR Parliament members argue that while there may be the capacity to investigate crimes such as robberies in supermarkets or homes, there seems to be a lack of capacity when it comes to sufficiently significant crimes. They emphasize the importance of holding those who commit such acts responsible. 


The Minister of Justice, as the 'Korpsbeheerder' responsible for the Police Force and all necessary resources and capacities, holds a pivotal role in addressing these concerns. It is the Minister's responsibility as the authority of justice to indicate any deficiencies in capacity and to ensure that appropriate actions are taken to rectify them, according to the PAR faction. 


Surprisingly, the PAR faction has noted that Minister Hato stated in a newspaper on Saturday, September 9th, that a lack of capacity should not be a reason to forgo an investigation. Despite this statement, the Minister has not taken any concrete steps to address the issue, causing concern within the opposition party. 


In the case of ENNIA and other similar cases, the PAR faction emphasizes the necessity of conducting investigations by professionals who can follow established processes to ensure justice for all those affected. The issue of capacity within the OM needs to be addressed promptly to uphold the principles of justice in the country. 


The PAR faction calls on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to address these concerns and ensure that the capacity of the OM is sufficient to handle investigations in important cases. 

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