Human rights organization Curaçao: situation in Block 1 of SDKK prison again dire

WILLEMSTAD - The conditions in Block 1 of the SDKK prison have deteriorated dramatically. That is the conclusion of Human Rights Defense Curaçao, which speaks about appalling conditions for the undocumented aliens who are in the penal part of the prison because the alien barracks are closed.  


Due to insufficient ventilation and due to the large amount of rain that has fallen in recent weeks, there are large colonies of mosquitoes in the cell block.  


Day Program


In previous court cases, the government had convinced the judge that the situation in block 1 of the penal complex is acceptable because an extensive day program is offered.  


Even then Human Rights Defense Curaçao established that the program did not correspond to reality, but the judge gave the Curaçao government the benefit of the doubt under the assumption that it actually and at least puts the discussed day program into practice.  


The judge even went a step further because the prison management had indicated that there was a very varied offer for the convicted penal inmates. With some creativity and benevolence, the same could be arranged for foreigners in block 1.  


For example, it would be conceivable that aliens at set times also have access to educational activities in the 'vocational building' or that they can perform limited work without mixing regimes. 




But according to the prisoners in Block 1, that is not the case at all. They spend most of the day in their cells or in a common room and have to entertain themselves there, without a program.  


The combination of doing nothing all day in a room full of mosquitoes, without being able to protect themselves against it, makes staying there a miserable one, according to Human Rights Defense Curaçao.  


The human rights organization calls on the Curaçao government to put an end to these conditions under which undocumented persons are detained. 

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