Hiddink only wants to become national coach Curaçao if "everything has been settled"

WILLEMSTAD - Guus Hiddink emphasizes that it is not yet certain that he will be the new national coach of Curaçao. The 73-year-old Achterhoeker wants the national association to first iron out the folds with his predecessor Remko Bicentini, who knew nothing about his dismissal.

Last Friday, Hiddink confirmed that he will sign with Curaçao until the World Cup 2022. He even posed with the team's outfit, but a day later his predecessor Bicentini said that he was completely surprised.

The furious Bicentini thought that Hiddink's appointment was a joke and that he still functioned as national coach. He had to read in the media that he is being succeeded by Hiddink, who in turn thought that everything had already been settled with his predecessor.

“I have also been on the other side myself. That is why I told the union that they must handle everything neatly. If I hear all the noise now, I must conclude that that has not happened,” Hiddink told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on Tuesday.

“That will have to happen first. As long as that continues, I will wait to continue talking, let alone sign it now. I expect to hear from the president soon. First it must be properly arranged so that I can sign. Otherwise I will stay away.”

When Curaçao completes the final formalities with Bicentini, Hiddink will start working as a national coach for the first time in years. His last job in that capacity was between 2014 and 2015 with the Dutch

national team. The experienced coach will also become technical director at the Curaçao Soccer Association.

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