Hensley Meulens assistant coach at Yankees

NEW YORK - Hensley Meulens has signed with the New York Yankees. The former baseball player will replace Eric Chavez as assistant hitting coach.

Meulens was already in talks for this position in 2017, but now the decision has been officially made. The baseball player, who was born in Curaçao, made his debut in 1989 in the American Major League as the sixth Dutchman with the Yankees.

Meulens also played for the Dutch baseball team for years and is the national coach of the Orange squad. Meulens is also an assistant coach at San Francisco Giants. With that team, he won the World Series three times as a batting coach.


Meulens won a total of eight titles. According to NOS, the baseball player has years of experience and also speaks five languages. In 2017, he already thought that the Yankees would choose him as their coach. It is not yet known when Meulens will start.