Group of volunteers cleans up 320 kilos of waste together with Kunuku Man

WILLEMSTAD - A group of volunteers and the Kunuku Man cleaned on Sunday at the Kaminda Saliña. In total, 320 kilos of waste were cleaned up. It was the Kunuku Man's 74th action.

The waste consisted of 96 kilos of glass, 28 kilos of plastic bottles, 9 kilos of aluminum cans and 187 kilos of residual waste. According to the Kunuku Man, this is a very distressing amount of waste. “This is waste that just belongs in your own wheelie bin,” he writes on his Facebook.

The Kunuku Man also expressed his "heartfelt thanks" to the volunteers present. He calls on anyone who also wants to help with the clean-ups to register at

The Kunuku Man reported last week that the horn of his 'famous car' no longer works. Anyone who can repair this can send a Whatsapp to +59996925235.

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