Government revises emergency law

WILLEMSTAD - The government has partly amended the controversial emergency law. The government submitted an amended draft National Ordinance Exceptional Situation to Parliament on 25 November. This also includes a Second Memorandum of Amendment.

It has now been established that restrictions on the fundamental rights freedom of the printing press, inviolability of the home and confidentiality of letters can only be put into effect by National Decree.

National decrees must be signed by the governor and are immediately presented to Parliament, which can then pass judgment on them. This is an additional safeguard to prevent abuse of the state of emergency.

The government states in the Memorandum that the changes were made as a result of the many discussions that took place in the run-up to the public debate in Parliament.

There were concerns about the scope of the bill proposal and the potential for abuse. The government sees reason to allay the concerns of citizens.

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