Government: Development in the 21st Century

WILLEMSTAD - The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport (ESCS) received visits from various international professionals related to the theme of modern 21st-century development. As human development is a priority in our country, Minister Sithree van Heydoorn engaged in dialogue and gave a brief presentation on our education system. Within this framework, the Ministry of ESCS, together with local experts, focused on the educational development of adults. This meeting involved the participation of different countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Lisbon, Portugal, and Lithuania. 



The 21st century has entered an era of unprecedented technological advancements and globalization. The skills that were once sufficient to secure a stable job are no longer enough. To remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunities ahead, we must equip our adults with a different set of 21st-century skills. 


In the first place, digital literacy is indispensable. In a technology-driven world, the ability to navigate digital tools and platforms is not just an option but a fundamental necessity. We must ensure that our adults can use technology for personal and professional growth. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are equally essential. The ability to analyze complex issues, think creatively, and find innovative solutions will set our adults apart in a competitive job market. Investing in 21st-century skill development in our adults is an investment in our country's future. It will improve employment prospects, promote economic diversification, and ultimately lead to a more prosperous and resilient nation. 


That's why Minister Sithree van Heydoorn appreciates this type of international collaboration, in which our people can explore, experience, and learn about possible ways to promote, activate, and recognize 21st-century skills in adult education. Inclusion of this can become enduring by involving our local libraries in this project. Our vision is to engage the library in facilitating and developing the aforementioned skills. 


Considering the positive experience that the local delegation had in this association, the Minister of ESKD appeals to the Government, educators, and employees to join in this effort. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Curaçao and its citizens.