Giselle Mc Willem first female party leader of MAN

WILLEMSTAD - Giselle Mc William is the new party leader of the political party MAN. Mc William announced this on her Facebook page.  


The election of a new leader for the blue party took place on Sunday during a special membership meeting. In the party building, Mc William received the most votes to lead her party to the next election.  


Mc William is the first female political leader in the party's 52-year history. She thanks everyone who voted for her for the confidence they have expressed.  


Chairman of the MAN Irelnetty Copra thanked Steven Martina during the special meeting for his work as a political leader since May 2020. 


At the end of August 2022, Martina announced that he would leave politics and resign from his position as a member of parliament and party chairman.  


Mc William will be officially presented as the new party leader on Monday during the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the MAN. 

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