Fundashon LIKE Focuses on Language Proficiency in Curaçao Education

WILLEMSTAD - Fundashon LIKE (Language and Knowledge in Education) has set out to create equal opportunities in education for all children in Curaçao. The organization, not a government entity, collaborates with various stakeholders to elevate the education discourse on the island. LIKE has observed that many children lag behind in their development due to insufficient language skills. Therefore, the foundation advocates for the inclusion of language education at a younger age than is currently the case. 

While acknowledging that they cannot solve all educational issues, LIKE focuses on the crucial role of language proficiency. They believe that language skills are essential for children's development and propose incorporating languages earlier into the curriculum. 

An important aspect of their approach is the emphasis on community engagement. LIKE highlights the importance of collaboration and community service to address educational challenges. They believe that every citizen plays a role in improving the education system by contributing to and sharing knowledge within the community. 

The foundation aims to bring together all stakeholders, including government entities, local businesses, and the community, to collectively address education issues. They view language proficiency as a complex problem requiring an integrated approach, with all involved parties prioritizing equal educational opportunities. 

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