Fuel prices down immediately

WILLEMSTAD - The fuel prices in Curaçao will drop immediately. This was reported by the Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BT&P).

On Thursday, parliament approved a temporary reduction in excise duties on gasoline and a reduction in sales tax on fuels.

The price for a liter of gasoline rose to 2.81 guilders at the end of April. The price at the gas station is now reduced by 25 cents to 2.56 guilders. Starting today drivers pay 2.36 guilders for a liter of diesel.

Finance Minister Javier Silvania previously stated that a doomsday scenario is avoided with the temporary price reduction. "The reduction only benefits the population," Silvania said during the parliamentary debate.


This price reduction will be valid until the end of 2022 and is independent of price changes announced by BT&P on a monthly basis.

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