Friesland wants recognition for Papiamento

FRIESLAND - The Frisian National Party (FNP) in the Netherlands wants to lay down the official recognition of Frisian as a language of the Kingdom in the Statute. Then Papiamento and English can simultaneously receive this recognition. The party said this in an appeal to the provincial government of Friesland. The FNP believes that speakers of Frisian, but also speakers of Papiamento and English on the Caribbean islands of the Kingdom deserve their languages ​​to be given full status in the Charter.

To get the recognition officially, it is also possible to change the Constitution. But for that to happen, a tough procedure has to be followed, including a two-thirds majority in the First Chamber and the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. The Frisian National Party does not want to go that long path and is calling for changes to the Statute. The party has asked the provincial government of Friesland to get started with their proposal and to contact the governments of Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.

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