Four officers suspected in fatal pursuit following 2021 robbery

WILLEMSTAD - Four police officers from a Special Unit are suspects in a case stemming from a fatal pursuit after a robbery in 2021. This was confirmed by police leadership over the weekend. 

The involvement of these officers in the pursuit, which resulted in the death of a young robber after a traffic accident on Kaminda Duvert Boy Nicolina, has led to their current status as suspects. 

The incident took place on September 27, 2021, when three men committed an armed robbery at a Chinese establishment on Dr. Maalweg. They took money and other items before fleeing in a vehicle. 

Shortly after the robbery, the police initiated a pursuit, during which shots were fired at the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle then crashed at the intersection near Hanenberg, resulting in the death of one of the occupants. 

During the investigation, questions arose about the consistency between the scenario at the accident site and the descriptions provided by the police. The investigative team of the National Detective Agency determined that there may have been tampering with evidence, including the picking up of bullet casings by officers, which is contrary to protocol. 

It is suspected that these officers created a narrative that does not align with reality, and after nearly three years of investigation, the results have now been announced, leading to the inactive status of the unit leader and the summons of the three other officers. They will have to answer for their actions on that fateful day in September 2021.