Former minister Jamaloodin admits embezzlement 450 thousand of subsidy

WILLEMSTAD - On the first day of the trial against former minister George Jamaloodin, he asked for the floor immediately after the opening and admitted that he had misappropriated 450,000 guilders in subsidy in 2012.

These funds were intended for refurbishing a soccer field but disappeared through Jamaloodin's company Speed Security into his pockets. When tracing the spending pattern of the former minister, it was discovered, among other things, that he had spent 200,000 guilds in a few weeks around that time. "December is an expensive month," said Jamaloodin.

He emphasized that he had returned the funds to the treasury. That happened in 2017 through an "investment company" in Estonia. Jamaloodin limited to vague and evasive answers when questioned by Judge Van Lieshout.

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