Former bank president Tromp is considering claim for damages against OM

WILLEMSTAD - Former Central Bank president Emsley Tromp is considering filing a claim against the Public Prosecution Service in Curaçao. Today, the Public Prosecutor announced that it was withdrawing the appeal filed at the Supreme Court against Tromp's earlier acquittal by the Court. Because of this decision, his acquittal is final.

In the spring of 2016, the Public Prosecution Service in Willemstad started the 'Sapphire investigation'. In 2017, the former Central Bank President was summoned on suspicion of deliberately making a false tax return in the private sphere. The Court of First Instance acquitted him. The Public Prosecution Service appealed, but also lost in the Court of Appeal. The Public Prosecution Service then filed a case against him in cassation, but that has therefore been withdrawn. “After an investigation, the Public Prosecution concluded that a continuation of the cassation does not serve a reasonable purpose. That is why the appeal was withdrawn,” according to a statement from the Public Prosecution Service.


The prosecution by the Public Prosecution Service led to the dismissal of Tromp at the Central Bank.

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